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Omg your fic <i> "The music assignment" </i> made me fuking cry omg the ending was just fuking perfection!! Im having so many feels rn like omg! You're so creative and witty!

Thank you so much! I’m so, so, so happy you liked that fic! Its probably my best yet, I’m so proud of it.

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That chapter was amazing!

Aw Thank You so much! I wasn’t sure if it was too good but I’m smiling now haha thank you for liking it Xx

Grease: McLennon

Chapter eight: Dancing and Mistakes Happen

The date had gone terribly. It was beautiful at first, they talked, they laughed, they were about to have a much needed heart to heart. Sure they’d talked for hours after they fled from the diner but their respected groups ruined the mood.

John groaned and kicked his bed.

He wanted to show Paul was how much he loved him, how much he cared but it seemed like life was terrible when it came to him.

"Fuck me." John sighed.

He stalked over to his draws and began looking through them to find his pyjamas but stopped suddenly when he looked at his calendar. A red circle was drawn around the date to twos from then, John titled his head and grinned.

He’d ask Paul to the dance and they would be so in love by the end of it they would be practically married.
- ————————————————-
“So you two broke up?” Mick asked with furrowed eyebrows.
“We weren’t even dating really.” George mumbled.
“But you liked him.” Paul ventured.
“Yeah.” George admitted after an eery silence that lasted around two minutes. “I did.”
“Maybe You two can reunite at the dance and it’ll be romantic.” Klaus suggested. Keith gave him a strange look and Bob slapped his forehead with a sigh.
“No.” George deadpanned.
“Maybe you can make him jealous.” Paul chimed in.

The Rebels stared at him in shock, not expecting Paul to come up with such an idea.

Paul coughed awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck with flushed cheeks.

"Well me going out with that guy-yes Keith I don’t remember his name-made John jealous so he ran to ask me out-even though You guys can of ruined that date."

Before the Rebels had time to defend themselves of Paul’s claim George clicked his tongue and grinned.

"Paulie you’ve got the idea, I’ll go out with someone and Starr will get so jealous he won’t even be able to concentrate on the stupid bet." With that George got up off the cafe seat and walked inside the school still grinning.

"Whose he asking then?" Paul asked.
“Pattie Boyd.” Eric muttered, jealousy seeping into his voice for all to hear.

The Rebels all laughed.
- ————————————————-
“Hey Paulie!”

Paul turned around and smiled when he saw John approaching him.

"Hey Johnny." He greeted with a small wave. Paul smiled when John stopped in front of him, he kicked at his shoe and they smiled at each other.
“I was wondering if you’d want to go to the dance with me? There’s gonna be some dancing competition and I’m sure we can beat everyone, we’re fucking amazing we are.”
Paul chuckled at Johns babble, he did that often John did. Babble on when he thought the outcome would be bad.
“Yeah sure I’ll go with ya Lennon.” Paul smiled lovingly at John, his eyes wide and his heart bounding.
“Knew you’d say yes.” John lied, he knew Paul could see through it but it made himself feel better.
“Did you?” Paul teased.
“How could you say no to this.” John made a gesture to his body and Paul slapped his shoulder playfully.
“Fuck off.” Paul laughed.

He laughed and John stared at him like there was nothing else in the world that was better than hearing James Paul McCartney laugh.

A day later and the dance arrived.

Ringo showed up with a beautiful girl, few years younger than him, whose name was Maureen Tigrett. She was thin, incredibly beautiful but in an odd way too.

George showed up with Pattie Boyd on his arm. An even more beautiful girl who could pass off as a model any day. Her blond hair fell perfectly around her shoulders, her smile never faltered and it was a good thing as it was her most striking quality. She was kind beyond measure and warmth radiated from her.

George Harrison and Richard ‘Ringo’ Starkey had amazingly beautiful girls swooning at them, They were the envy of nearly all the boys but it seemed as if they didn’t spare a single thought to The girls on their arms. They were looking for each other, wanting the other to see and to feel jealousy.
They finally locked eyes.

The dancing had begun and as the two couples made their way to the dance floor their dancing was far from perfect as all George and Ringo could do was glare and sneer at each other.

Stu and Astrid walked in together, both stunning and in love.
Pete and some girl he had picked up waltzed into the room, giggling and kissing all the way.
Eric showed up alone. Which he didn’t mind at all, he’d spend most of the time staring at Pattie anyway.
Brian, Mick and Keith all walked in together. Despite their agreement on not taking dates and being in a friend group all three boys soon found birds that stood out and ran off quickly to charm them for a dance.
Bob and a pretty young lady by the name of Sara quickly found each other and started to dance, both resolving they wanted to win the dance competition.
Klaus skipped in alone but was soon met with many girls who wanted to dance.
Cynthia and Pete Best walked in, their noses up turned as if everyone else was beneath them. Pete’s gang trailed along behind them.

As the principal began shouting out the rules of the dance competition John and Paul walked in together holding hands.
Klaus waved to them wildly, Cynthia caught a glimpse of them and grinned.

"If I or one of the teachers tap you and your partner on the shoulder: you’re out!" The Principal clapped and gave the students a large smile.
“Let’s get started!”

Music began to play and the couples scrambled onto the dance floor. All romance gone as they all just wanted to win.

Elvis played, Rock and Roll flooded their eyes and they danced.

One by one couples were tapped out.

Klaus and his chosen partner, Christina, were tapped out. They were dancing like monkeys, jumping around and laughing. They laughed hysterically as they walked off the floor.
Mick and his bird, Marianne, were disqualified for being too ‘sexual’ on the dance floor. But really what were the teachers expecting from him?
Keith and Anita were tapped out but they couldn’t have cared less.
Brian and his bird ran off the dance floor giggling and kissing in a sloppy kind of way.
Stu and Astrid were tapped out because they weren’t really dancing, more just staring at each other. The teachers thought it was weird and tapped them out.
George and Ringo ended up yelling at each other from across the dance floor, they swore and stomped off.

Soon enough the only couples left were Pete and Cynthia and, John and Paul.
Pete and Cynthia were grinning like they had a plan to take over the world and John and Paul weren’t really paying attention to the dance, they were laughing and catching each other’s eyes and laughing more.

In what seemed like a split second Paul found himself being pulled away, hands were on his waist and danced him off the floor to The side where all the disqualified students were watching.
Stu marched over and pulled Pete Best away and stood next to Paul watching John with warning with Astrid by his side.

Paul watched John dance with Cynthia and his stomach churned, he felt betrayed and sick. Like his heart had been pulled out, He didn’t even have enough energy to glare at Best, he stared at John before excusing himself quietly.

"Paul." Stu tried to catch the younger boys arm but he was off, Stu sighed and gave John a hard look.

John and Cynthia were standing by the principal, Cynthia smiled largely as the principal her and John the winners.

John gave Stu a heartbreaking, guilty look but the artist only shook his head.
John left Cynthia’s side and took off running after Paul, he probably looked like an idiot but the older boy was too determined to care.

"PAUL!" He called after the boy.
“Go back to dancing with your girlfriend.” Paul spat.
“Paulie she’s not my girlfriend.” John said softly.
“Don’t talk to me like I’m a stupid little kid.” Paul hissed.
“Let me make it up to you.” John held Paul’s arm and pleaded.
“How many fucking chances do you expect me to fucking give you?” Paul’s face was red, he looked beautiful and so passionate.
“I love you.” John said for the first time since that holiday. “I love you and I want to make it up to you, please just fucking let me.”

Paul stared at John, of course he loved John back. He was pissed beyond words but that didn’t mean all the love just vanished.

"There’s a drive in movie tonight, in an hour. Go with me?" John pleaded. He loved Paul, he wanted him in every sense of the word. He needed his forgiveness like he needed air.
“Ok.” Paul said. “This is the last chance you get.” He said, It was a tiny whisper, barely audible but it made John jump and smile like he was on the verge of tears.
“I love you.” John said again.

And he did, with all his heart in a way that was much too mature for such a broken kind of boy, the chip on his shoulder would grow eventually but a fire lit in John whenever he was with Paul.

"I won’t make you regret this."

One of the worst things a man can promise really.
- ————————————————-
George leant against the sink in the school bathroom. He sighed angrily and slapped his head.

"You ok?" Eric asked as he walked into the room.
“Fucking rumors.” George muttered with hate.
“What’s wrong?” Eric asked more seriously, he leant down near George and shook his shoulder gently.
“Someone thought it would be funny to say I got Pattie pregnant and that’s why I bought her tonight.” George laughed emotionless, he held his face in his hands.
“Who the fuck did that?” Eric asked angrily. Anger seeping out for how upset all this made his friend and how sad it probably made Pattie too.
“Who the fuck do you think.” George spat.
“Best?” Eric guessed.
“Right on the money.” George muttered.
Eric clenched his hands until his nails dug into his palms, knowing if he didn’t have such good control he’d already be beating Pete Best.
“It’s only a rumor.” Eric chose to comfort. He wrapped an arm around George’s thin shoulders and squeezed. “It’ll disappear in a day or two.”

"What?" Ringo’s eyes were wide in shock, his mouth hung open and shoulders tensed.
“That’s not-he’s not-“
“Only what I overheard.” Pete Best said innocently with hands raised. “He and Pattie would make good parents wouldn’t they?”
Ringo kicked the ground, his eyes alight with jealousy. Angry, betrayed and incredibly jealous Ringo walked away.

When Ringo’s head dropped, overcome in sadness, Pete Beat grinned.

- ————————————————
*sorry if this chapter is bad Xx*

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Instead of making George pregnant, you could do like George has made another girl pregnant but at the end is just a rumour or something (you don't have to publish it, just an idea)

Omg thats a brilliant idea! I’m so gonna use it, thank you so much! Xx

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Do you ship Destiel?

I do, theres just a very strong connection between them and it’s not even that it’s a gay couple rather that if Castiel had a female body and she and Dean did everything that the Male Cas and Dean have done then they would have already kissed, you know?
I don’t think its going to happen on the show but i ship it like crazy.

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Omg I don’t know who I’d love more Dean or his car…….but Paulie, ah my sweet Paulie, in love I am!
Thanks Xx

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I ship you with Elvis and I don't know why.

Well dudes got style and moves……I’ll take it! Xx Haha

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Of course, it had to be a black chevy impala ;)

It just had to be, what other car would be cool enough for Ringo? haha :P Xx

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I absolutely love every Chapter of your Grease fic! You're such an awesome writer, keep it up! :D

THANK YOU! Omg that’s so nice :3 just thank you so much Xx :D